Company Background



Growing up, being an entrepreneur was always a goal for Michael. He started his first business, Michael's Lawn & Landscape, in 2007 while he furthered his education in the Green Industry. Michael and Judy met in middle school and married in 2012. Judy earned a degree in Human Services from Purdue University. They became a team from the beginning of the business and continue to work together creating beautiful outdoor spaces for their clients. Turf Care, established in 2009, is a business that represents their family values: honesty, hard work, and love.


Michael and Judy have four boys that love the outdoors and getting their hands dirty too. Don't be surprised if you see them helping in their "work shirts" and picking up a shovel. Michael and Judy strive to teach their boys good work ethic and encourage outdoor play and exerting energy in exchange for a good nights sleep.


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